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The HRA is a public non profit entity.  All funds donated will be used in creating housing and community development opportunities and is 100% tax deductible!


After much effort and persistence by Bill Seeger, the HRA was organized in September 1972. The area of operation included the counties of Kittson, Polk, Marshall, Pennington, and Red Lake. In September of 1973, Roseau County was added making up the present six county area of Northwestern Minnesota. In addition, we contracted with various counties to operate housing programs on their behalf.


On August 29, 1975, the HRA began with a program called Section 8 Existing Housing Rental Assistance, now called the Housing Voucher Program (HCV). This program made assistance available to elderly and low income families who live in existing standard approved rented houses or apartments. Very often these are the homes that they already occupy. The HCV Program helps low income households with rent & utility costs in qualifying rental units owned by landlords in the community. We now operate over 950 units for rent assistance to low-income households in our eight county area.


In 1979 and 1980, HUD authorized the HRA to construct Public Housing units. The HRA constructed 24 scattered site three-bedroom homes and 50 units of one-bedroom apartments located in Fertile, Fisher, & Climax.


In 1982, approval was received for 44 additional units sited in Badger, Fosston, and Middle River. The Public Housing project differs from the Section 8 program in that the HRA actually owns the project units as opposed to private ownership. Presently the HRA owns and operates 103 Public Housing units.


The HRA also has been very active with pursuing and operating Minnesota Housing Finance Agency funds. The HRA uses MHFA funds to do numerous rental and homeowner grant programs. In addition, we have received funds for the Community Revitalization Fund program where private and public investors team with MHFA to assist with down payment to prospective homeowners.


In 1996, the HRA established a 501C4 Community Organization Development Organization to assist area residents with homeownership and create new housing opportunities for our citizens. Also, in 1997 the HRA organized a management company by creating a 501C3 for that specific purpose. The company was organized to manage the affordable rental units that were funded by essential function bonds. Summerfield Apartments, as they are called today, are located in 17 communities. Greater Minnesota Management Company has increased their portfolio other than Summerfield and manages over 950 rental units in the region.


The East Grand Forks Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program merged with the service area of NW MN Multi-County HRA in January 2015.  This merger has been very successful in combining our resources to serve the northwest region of Minnesota. The East Grand Forks office is located at 1708 River Road NW.


The HRA continues to work with cities and counties to assist with their economic and community development needs.


Board of Commissioners
Name and Title
Kermit Genereux, Chair Pennington
Mark Finstad, Vice Chair Polk
Tammy Johnson, Secretary Marshall
John Lerohl, Member Red Lake
Jack Swanson, Member Roseau
Marilyn Gustafson, Member Kittson
2022 Meeting Dates
  January 19   9:30am- Summerfield Place Apartments
215 9th St. E., Thief River Falls, MN
  March 16   9:30am- Summerfield Place Apartments
215 9th St. E., Thief River Falls, MN
  May 18   9:30am- Summerfield Place Apartments
215 9th St. E., Thief River Falls, MN
  July 20   9:30am- Summerfield Place Apartments
215 9th St. E., Thief River Falls, MN
  September 21   1:00pm- NW MN HRA, 202 Garfield Ave.
Mentor, MN
  November 16   9:30am- Summerfield Place Apartments
215 9th St. E., Thief River Falls, MN